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NPAC serves to amplify physician led, patient focused care.

NPAC also supports the goals of Healthcare3.0.

NPAC coalitions with existing groups and organizations on campaigns supporting physicians. We support activities that promote physician (not administrator) led care and campaigns that promote better healthcare for all.

NPAC supports individual physicians by providing a tool kit to legally unionize locally and change the system from within. We will soon provide resources to review contracts through vetted experienced legal support also.

NPAC also is preparing health literacy documents for the general public and to support  education on healthcare reform.

NPAC's mission as a core value is to promote better healthcare for all.

The system underestimates us and historically we have proven them right. Business of medicine has gotten out of control, putting profits over patients, administrators over physicians,  barring collective bargaining, and building a public narrative differing from the truth.  WThe system is out of system out of control; rank with corporate greed and ultimately our patients are suffering.   


If doctors knew how to organize this entire for-profit health system would fall. Residents alone would cripple the industry if they realized their strength in numbers. 

Physician Health Insurance CMO

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