Who are we?

NPAC is a group of physician supporters, from various industry and platforms. We ultimately believe physicians  should have a seat both at the hospital and legislative table to lead healthcare reform. We believe physicians, who are in direct contact with patients and keep a pulse on the community through their patients, are in an ideal position to refocus the conversation from 'profit driven' to 'patient focused'.  

NPAC has no paid employees. Instead we have a volunteer steering committee (below) made up of the multi-specialty co-founders of NPAC. We encourage anyone to join in our efforts for healthcare reform and promote advocacy for a healthcare system that focuses on the physician - patient relationship instead of profit.   We believe everyone deserves to be cared for by a physician and through simplifying the system, removing waste and greed, and leveraging technology this will be possible.  

What are we?

NPAC is a 501c6. We can accept non-tax deductible donations, offer proffession specific services, and fund-raise for legislation specific to healthcare reform interests.  NPAC does not promote a hierarchy within the organization. However, we seeks physician and non-physician leaders for different actionable campaigns.  NPAC continuously seeks unique contacts, collaborations, and partnerships to leverage healthcare reform from different angles. We leverage our collective contacts, resources, and skills to further campaigns specific to our vision of physician led care, patients over profits, and other campaigns aligning with our mission and vision. 



NPAC believes in physician (not administrator, nor profit) led healthcare. We believe physicians should have a majority seat at the executive and corporate level for any and healthcare delivery sites. We believe in healthcare reform that puts patients first. To do all of this, we offer various solutions to remove waste and redundancy within our current model and advocate for a landscape that values experience, education, and protects patients first and foremost.  We believe the best people to drive healthcare from a profit based model to a patient focused model are the physicians who hear concerns and care for the community.

Speak up

Expose waste & price gauging

Show physicians will always

stand with patients, over profits,

politics, and bureaucracy.

Support legislation and candidates that promote physician led care

Unionize locally and make changes

Collectively bargain with insurances & hospitals on how you will

practice and demand representation at management levels


Highlight our successes

Advocate for removing waste and harm to patients

Reallocate money and resources back to direct patient care

Simply the landscape


Current Campaigns

Why Join?


If you are tired of siloed efforts and want to elevate your voice with a larger collective supported by other physician groups, consider joining to lend your skills  to NPAC.


We will help amplify your voice to make change positive changes for the future. 

Steering Committee 

Anessa Majid, MD - Interventional Radiologist, Illinois 

Alyssa Lewandowski, MD- Family Physician, Michigan

Cadey Lawless, MD- Family Physician, Arizona

Corine Wells, MD- Anesthesiologist, Florida

Harshini “Hershey” Jayasuriya, MD – Family Physician, Michigan

Nicole Wright, MD – Surgery, Louisiana

Omar Noor, MD – Dermatologist, New York

Purvi Parikh, MD – Allergist & Immunologist, New York

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