Summary of
Covid-19 Pandemic Physician Protection Act 

(Full version below)

Covid-10 Pandemic Physician Protection Act, also known as CPPPA, is policy in the hands of the Federal House and Senate legislatures.  protects all healthcare providers during the COVID pandemic. It is titled as a "physician protection" act because it was initially authored by physicians. Language, however, is all encompassing in all applicable areas to protect all providers.

It currently has some support in the House but not in the Senate.  We need more senators to become aware of the bill and to start asking questions. The government is unlikely to support any funding legislation due to tight federal finances. However, asking for protections is strategic ask and is more likely to succeed. As with any legislation, efforts for change are a marathon and not a sprint. We support pushing for new ground where we can and building from there. 

CPPPA  branches into 8 main topics and has something for everyone in healthcare.

1) PPE access, protections, and regulations

2) Healthcare Workforce Fund/Tax Credit

3) Malpractice Protections for Physicians

4) Supporting Independent Practices and other Private Healthcare Related Practices

5) Addressing professional shortages, VISAs and military partnerships

6) Professional Protections
a. Includes: Salary, hazard pay, locums, bonuses, benefits, sick leave, contracts, legal protections, tax considerations, Resident and Fellow specific items

7) Increasing Telehealth Access

8) Expanding Mental Health Services to Healthcare workers

Read full act below for details and specific wording. 

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