The majority of healthcare workers are contracted by larger business entities. This business system directs the resources available, how they can be used, and how information is disseminated. Yet their model affects not just their workers but also the communities that depend on them for their very lives.

Currently we have a business model governing our health care system, one that profits from illness and puts profits first.


2020 has shed light to the realities behind the corporate shield. It has prompted important questions about its inner workings. However, despite all the conversations, many healthcare workers did not feel they could safely speak about experiences without risk of retaliation and termination from the business that have gagged them.

We have lost our loved ones, our patients, our families, and our colleagues as we stood silent for all the wrong reasons. These deaths, we know now, represent expected casualties of a pandemic but the majority of them are also avoidable casualties.


​Due to a fractured healthcare system and a profit-over-patient and profit-over-providers, medicine continues to endure these tragedies.


As with any life lesson, we must reflect, learn form our past and change the path to our future. In remembering those we lost, we build resolve for those we continue to fight for  who are still putting themselves at risk. We fight for a future where voice and control are given back to the healthcare workers who work and live in the communities they serve.


A vigil, by definition, is derived from vigilant and means to be awake, keep watch, and be on guard. For medicine, there is no time than now to be awake.

Why a Vigil?

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