NPAC joins the #MakeItBlue collective, with companies such as Thinkwell group, to promote an advocacy oriented #Light It Blue campaign. Our #LightitBlue campaign focuses on health care providers who have lost their lives during the COVID crisis and show the positive impact health care professionals have on their communities.



The NPAC chose to support the work of the primary care physician authors and over 100k other physicians who wrote CPPPA. Together these amazing professionals were asked for their input through grassroots  efforts to craft non-partisan CPPPA policy. (Please see the full act below)


One of NPAC's goals during #LightItBlue, in addition to gathering further collaboration and telling the 'physician story', we wish to amplify  CPPPA in the public eye.  CPPPA helps address the current, pressing needs of physicians and all healthcare workers.  It also lays a solid foundation for future efforts towards Healthcare 3.0 and physician (not administration or corporation) led care. 

We will continue to build momentum for our marathon efforts for our overall goals of changing the healthcare landscape. Collaboration is essential to get us to the promised land. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with groups that have similar goals of improving U.S. healthcare. 

This projects collaborators were #MakeItBlue global collective, Dr. Nisha Mehta and all the physicians who helped draft CPPPA, Lenoho Music Label for granting gratis rights to using the song 'Imagine', Dr. Medle for his music and Johnathan Huer for making the final vigil production. NPAC volunteers helped coordinate all the efforts for a week of awareness and advocacy push prior to the vigil. Their efforts included designing and producing all the art, creating all the promo videos, and advertising the campaign. 


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